Internal Bleaching

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Dr. Tina Vani

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If you have a tooth or teeth that are resistant to over-the-counter whiteners and traditional hydrogen peroxide professional solutions, consider internal bleaching as a way to brighten your smile. Dr. Tina Vani of Sonoma Endodontics provides this procedure to patients in Petaluma, California, and the surrounding area. To take advantage of her expertise and skill in whitening the most stubborn of teeth, call her office or book an appointment online.

Internal Bleaching Q & A

Why do teeth become discolored?

You may have yellowing of your teeth due to consumption of stain-causing foods, such as coffee and red wine, or as a normal part of aging. These types of stains respond well to professional whitening in the office or take-home whitening products.

But if you experience darkening of your teeth due to trauma or decay, internal bleaching may be a better alternative. In these cases, discoloration occurs due to internal changes within the tooth that can’t be altered with external whitening processes.

What is internal bleaching?

Instead of altering your teeth’s appearance from the outer enamel side, internal bleaching whitens the tooth from the inside out. It works in the same way as external bleaching but acts on the inside of the tooth.

Dr. Vani performs a root canal to remove an infected pulp and applies a safe sodium perborate paste deep inside your tooth. The material dissolves any stains and brightens the tooth or teeth treated. It’s left inside your tooth for several days and up to two weeks, during which time your tooth is temporarily sealed.

If the tooth already has had a root canal and it’s sound, Dr. Vani makes a hold in the back of the tooth to allow the bleach to reach the target area. Once the whitening process is complete, she disinfects the tooth and fills the hole.

If you don’t get optimal results after internal bleaching, Dr. Vani may repeat it with adjusted bleaching strength to create the whiter, brighter effect you desire.

Who is a candidate for internal tooth bleaching?

If discoloration of your teeth cannot be addressed with external whitening, internal bleaching may be an option. The tooth to be treated must be healthy and strong enough to withstand drilling and the chemicals used for bleaching.

Is internal bleaching permanent?

A tooth that’s been internally bleached is still vulnerable to external stains from food and tobacco. Avoid these products and practice good oral hygiene to preserve your whitening effect.

When teeth have darkened due to trauma, internal bleaching offers a way for you to bring them to a whiter color. Call Dr. Vani or book an appointment online to find out if you’re a candidate for this procedure.